4. VR game


Develop a captivating fun / scary / thrilling / challenging /mystifying/etc. VR game set in a realistic or fantastical world.


Guidelines / Rules


This category has few rules, because we want the developer/s to have a great deal of freedom.

We accept almost all sorts of game worlds and concepts: sci-fi, adventure survival, abstract ideas, racing, puzzles, ghost storIes, epic quests, mysteries etc.  The games can be story/character driven, or abstract graphics, puzzles etc.  It can be short and contained, or of an epic world scale.


1. No physical or psychological violence between humans is allowed, or violations of human rights, e.g. racism, sexism etc.

NOTE: If your character is human, then naturally that character can suffer injuries and death.  However, we do not want to see any gratuitous violence, e.g. Mortal Combat fatalities.  Also, normal heated verbal arguments are not considered psychological violence.


2. Rule number 1 also applies to very humanoid beings, like elves, human-like aliens etc, nor is unwarranted animal cruelty allowed.

NOTE: Fighting a pack of wolves, or slaying dragons, tentacle-monsters, werewolves, alien beasts etc, are examples of what is definitely allowed.


3. Excessive cursing or offensive language is not allowed; neither are offensive symbols, e.g. a swastika.


4. No sexual content or human (or humanoid) nudity.  We are sure you understand what we mean.

NOTE: Romance (a kiss and hug) is fine.  Characters in skimpy outfits are allowed…  within reason. 


5. No game concepts with immoral themes are allowed, e.g. playing a drug lord, leading a criminal enterprise, or having the goal to destroy the planet, polluting nature etc.

NOTE:  Naturally, an antagonist in a game can have immoral goals, like world dominion.


That’s it!  Those are the only game design rules.  Otherwise, any type of game concept is welcome!

If you wonder about  any of the rules, just contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions.



  • The complete game must be made easily available to the jury through a stable link for downloading.
  • One of the following storage services must be used: Dropbox, The Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive.
  • The link, provided by the participant, shall provide access to a downloadable folder named after the contest category.  If multiple projects, then a separate folder for each project.  The folder/s must contain:
  1. The total project ready to run on the recommended platform.
  2. If not presented in the game, a game manual must be provided in PDF or Word format.
  3. A text file (PDF or Word) with contact information.  If a team, then the names of all team members must be listed.
  4. The text file must also clearly state  the title of the VR game (a reasonably short title is preferable).
  • The participant must state the recommended VR equipment to use and ensure that it runs smoothly on the device.
    One of the following VR equipment must be used:
    – HTC Vive
    – Oculus Rift
    – Oculus Quest 2

     Useful links regarding technical aspects can be found at: DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES
  • It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that nothing in the finished product (or any step in the creation process, use of software, etc.) violates copyright or licensing laws in any way. The rights to all materials (including, if applicable, the involvement of people) must be owned by the participant and be guaranteed free to use and publish.


For more important contest info, read:  CONTEST INFO



The jury’s judging criteria

(Choice of technical platform will not affect the jury’s assessment).


How immersive is the experience?

Innovative and creative approach

Originality, concept, design, game/world-building, the use of the possibilities/advantages of the VR media; and if applicable, story and characters.

Interaction and feedback

How intuitive is the interaction?  How original is its use?  How motivated and naturally integrated into the game is the interaction and feedback?

Overall gaming experience and technical expertise

How is the overall gaming experience, emotions evoked?  How well do all aspects of the game work together: sights, sounds, interaction, feedback and events?  How well executed is the complete game technically?


Deadlines & Registration fees:

Early Deadline  -  TBA

Regular Deadline  -  TBA

Final Deadline  -  TBA


It is possible to participate in the contest as a single individual or as a team with two or more members.  Companies (e.g. a startup) can enter the contest if it is a company-wide decision.  Hence, the term “participant” used in texts covers all involved individuals/entities.  One person must be chosen to register and handle all contact during the contest.

It is possible to participate in multiple categories with different projects.  It is also possible to participate in multiple categories with the same project adapted to fulfill the criteria of each category.  However, a registration fee is required for each entered category.
If entering a single category with multiple projects, a separate complete registration is needed for each project.