Purpose of the ImmersiveUnity contest

The contest aims to stimulate, discover and highlight creative VR/AR talents worldwide, while exploring the possibilities of the VR and AR technologies. ImmersiveUnity is also building a global online community for VR/AR developers.

We at ImmersiveUnity believe in harnessing the immense immersiveness and interactivity of the new technologies to improve education, communication, wellbeing, entertainment, and much more.

It is a new reality with virtual reality.  Let’s make it good!

Important information

  • The contest Space – Humanity’s New Frontier is international and there is NO registration fee.
  • Companies can enter the contest if it is a decision widely supported within the company, e.g. a creative startup.  Whenever the term “participant” is used in contest-related texts this term will also include to companies.
  • It is possible to participate in the contest as a single individual or as a team with two or more members.  Hence, the term “participant” used in texts covers both cases.  If participating as a team, one person must be chosen to register and handle all contact during the contest.
  • Task and specific rules for the contest can be found on the specific  contest category page (listed in the sub menu under CONTEST INFORMATION) and should be studied carefully.




  • All deadlines are absolute (unless officially extended by the contest).


  • Please, also read the section CONTEST STEPS below, which provides a guide through the entire registration/submission process.


  • Have fun!

Contest steps

  • Make sure that you have understood the rules and guidelines for the contest you plan to enter.
  • Read the contest Terms and Conditions.
  • Prepare your project for registration/submission in accordance with the rules and guidelines:  selected contact person, contact info document, project title etc.
  • Create a downloadable folder with your entire project. Test that your project runs as intended. Make sure the folder contains what is listed by the rules and guidelines.
  • Create a link to the the downloadable folder. Test that the link works. NOTE: the folder must be accesible for at least a month after submission.


  • You will receive a confirmation email of your submission.  If you do not find it, please check your spam folders.  If you still can not find it, then contact us to make sure that everything has worked.
  • Done!  Good luck!