Judging process and criteria

The judging process is a collaborative effort and the decisions of the jury will be based on a democratic consensus approach.  The decision of the jury is final and cannot be challenged.  It will not be altered, unless new relevant information comes to light, which justifies a disqualification.

The jury’ decision is reached by weighing in a number of factors, which are presented below.


This is important. It is probably also the easiest thing to do to make sure that your submission will have a chance to win. Study the contest rules/requirements and fulfil them all: Gameplay-related, Adherence to theme, Technical & Aministrative.

If a submission has not fulfilled all the rules/requirements listed for the contest, this will be considered in the judging process, and the submission may be disqualified.


It is important to understand the theme of the contest and develop a VR experience that is in line with the theme. Grasp of the contest theme, and fulfilment of it, is one important factor the jury considers.

However, a creative interpretation and execution of the contest theme is of course allowed. If it is done deliberately and well, it could even be an elevating factor.


Listed below you find the main judging criteria.  Consider these as guidelines and as inspiration when developing your project.

Please note, that you can create an outstanding (winning) project even if you have not fulfilled every criterion listed.  It is the overall strength of the project that is judged, because sometimes it might be best to focus on certain things and less on others.


How immersive is the experience?

Innovative and creative approach

Originality, concept, design, game/world-building, the use of the possibilities/advantages of the VR media; and if applicable, story and characters.

Interaction and feedback

How intuitive is the interaction?  How original is its use?  How motivated and naturally integrated into the experience is the interaction and feedback?

Overall gaming experience and technical expertise

How ceptivating is the overall experience, emotions evoked?  How well do all aspects of the game work together: sights, sounds, interaction, feedback and events?  How well executed is the complete application/experience technically?


The jury’s final decision is reached by weighing in all factors mentioned on this page.

Furthermore, the ImmersiveUnity jury holds the opinion that a winning submission must be of a certain level of overall quality. In the event that all submissions are considered subpar in this regard, ImmersiveUnity reserves the right to not select any winners. For details regarding this exceptional event, see Terms and Conditions.